Care Instructions

Taking care of your Shetland tweed means a longer life for the fabric. In the studio when we finish fabrics we use a gentle machine wash and steam-press before the material goes to customers, and you can do the same. If your machine has a wool wash or a handwash cycle, you can use that with a little liquid wool wash and some fabric softener.

You can also hand wash our fabrics, and rinse them, in warm water. Dry the fabrics flat or hang them up to dry. A steam press using some pressure while the tweed is still damp will reshape it.

A note of caution! Hot water and lots of agitation will felt your cloth.

If you are nervous about washing fabrics yourself, dry cleaning is the safest option. Your dry cleaning service will be able to advise you.

Please email if you would like any advice on looking after your Shetland tweed. We are happy to help.