About The Shetland Tweed Company

In the Far North of Britain, where the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet and where myth and legend mix with history and heritage, the colour of the sea alters constantly beneath an ever-changing sky, and the land shows the passage of seasons in deep colours.

Our inspiration for the fabrics we make comes from these islands. Waves, ripples on the sand, flashes and glints of sunlight on the ocean, a fishing net… Ideas surround us and we look to capture them in our collections.

It is from this ever-changing palette that we choose our colours for weaving the Limited Edition woollen fabrics we design. On the island of Yell, where we continue a fine tradition of weaving which has been a part of everyday life in Shetland for centuries, we can look out at the ocean and peat covered hills for constantly evolving ideas and we are proud to present unique cloths for interiors using the magical colours of land, sea and sky.

The Shetland Tweed Company. Luxurious cloths from the isles.

“I moved to Shetland in 2001 and have been weaving since 2005. The longer I have lived in Shetland the more I have fallen in love with the land and its life. Now I design and weave cloths which reflect the woven heritage of the isles, continuing a craft which has been carried on here for millennia. My fabrics are based on tweeds, updating the traditional with a proud acknowledgment to the past.”
Andy Ross.