Our Shetland home

Shetland is known for its textiles; knitting and weaving among the crafts that have been practised for centuries in the islands, from the Vikings to present day artists and craftspeople. Making use of the wool from native sheep which roam across the peat hills, the cloths produced from Shetland wool are soft and drape well. Combining those qualities with good design is the passion behind the Shetland Tweed Company, and working to create beautiful tweeds in a beautiful place must surely be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!

It is the scenery of the islands that makes this such a special place to live and work. The summer colours of the small flowers which carpet the fields introduce unexpected flashes of brightness in the peat moor, and in the autumn the hills turn purple and pink with the flowering of heather. The ever-changing sea, blue, turquoise and green in the calm of a summer day and flecked with white spume and waves in the gales, pounds against sea cliffs of red and green or brown hills which tumble right to the water’s edge. Even in the middle of winter the light is inspirational and dramatic.

The Shetland Tweed Company is happy to be based in the North Isles of Shetland, surrounded by sea and peat landscapes, overlooking the sea with its boats and industry, all under the widest of skies. This space and sense of calm is what inspires our cloth and makes it so desirable; a  little bit of Shetland captured in the weave.