About us

Kirsty and Andy at the loom

The Shetland Tweed Company family

Kirsty Brabin and Andy Ross established The Shetland Tweed Company in June 2015 after working together during 2013 when Kirsty was a resident weaver in Yell. The partnership was formed to create a company which aims to produce tweeds for clothing and fashion using Shetland wool as far as possible and making use of the incredible heritage and landscape of the islands.

Kirsty is a Masters degree educated designer and maker who has specialised in tweed since graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2014. Inspired by Yell’s coastline, she is passionate about creating bespoke tweeds with a contemporary, playful twist which reflect the islands natural beauty.

Andy grew up in Zimbabwe before emigrating to the UK in 1992. With a family background in textiles and growing up in a cotton manufacturing town, Bulawayo, Andy has been excited to be able to use his love of fabrics to be part of this new partnership, creating interesting new cloths which reflect the Shetland landscape.